Forensic Genealogy is so much more than simple heir research. The same research skills and records can shed light on a variety of civil cases. Knowing where to look and how to obtain accurate information is critical to success.


I help attorneys develop accurate genealogical records for complex legal cases involving trusts, land rights, and any other succession issues. Through an exacting process of information confirmation from multiple sources as well as proper historical contextualization, I can help attorneys uncover rightful claims or provide evidence regarding false claims.


Forensic Genealogy is so much more than simple heir research. I have had the pleasure to help attorneys throughout the country with research for evidence in civil cases not directly related to genealogy. The same records that provide us clues into family structures can provide illuminating legal information.

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Many lawsuits come down to basic facts. Well, basic if you know how to find the right information and records. I can help you sort out the fact from the fiction in disputes like land grants, legal trusts, immigration and citizenship, title issues, and locating next of kin.