About Suzanne Collins Matson - Research by Suzanne
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Suzanne Collins Matson

Suzanne Collins Matson focuses her research expertise on forensic issues facing attorneys and others as well as on complex family genealogical problems.


Suzanne has conducted genealogical research for over 25 years, working first on her own family research before accepting work from clients. Holding two degrees, one a B.S. Nursing and the other a B.A. Music, Suzanne brings a unique perspective to genealogical and forensic research. Experienced transcriber of what is often called “doctor scribble” as well as Old Gothic German script enhances the service Suzanne can provide to her clients whether an attorney or an individual who has hit that genealogical “brick wall.”


When Suzanne isn’t searching for and locating that elusive person or group of persons for clients, she enjoys gardening, needlework, and playing with her two grandchildren.