Elusive ancestors who left few records pose a special challenge for Family Genealogy, requiring extensive knowledge of local records, the laws of the day, and migration patterns.
South Carolina Family Genealogy

Complex genealogical problems

While incredibly gratifying and infinitely interesting, some times you just hit that genealogical brick wall. I can help get your project moving forward again. I work with individuals and families hoping to discover that missing ancestor and I can break through “brick walls” in your family tree.

Compiled family genealogies

Many of my clients don’t enjoy genealogical research the same way I do and prefer to have the lion’s share of the work done for them. I work with individuals who want a documented multi-generational family history helping to place their family within the larger context of history. I work iteratively, with regular checkins to provide new findings, updates to the family records, and interesting historical anecdotes.


Lineage application research

Developing your family lineage to determine qualification for membership to organizations requiring a family lineage can be exciting. Many of these groups provide a direct connection to significant historical events. I assist individuals desiring membership in a lineage society to obtain the documentation needed to meet the standards for admission.